Monday, October 8, 2007

On walk with P, thinking more about horrors in the Congo, how people tend to respond with talk of international law and human rights. To me, it's a bit like putting a band aid where the wall between some little girl's vagina and anus used to be, pretties it up a bit, but no damn use. Funny how even people rightly suspicious of solving domestic social problems through the justice system, blithely trot out international law in the face of stuff like this, fantasy of a world legal system somehow lacking the defects of every legal system ever implemented. We're living through the most brutal time in the world's history, at least in terms of sheer volume of brutality, our civilization is the driving force behind this, we need to start distrusting our civilized responses and thinking of practical solutions. The problem here is that bands of psychopaths form and rape, torture & butcher people, to me trying to figure out how to interfere with the formation of such bands seems most practical. How to go about this remains something of an open question.

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