Monday, October 22, 2007

It turns out, as one might expect, that Monsieur Brillat-Savarin had a rather larger vocabulary than Herr Heidegger. Needed to parameterize anagram generation to get a manageable result set, having in the meantime fetched my last farm share distribution of the year (sniff), I decided to inject an element of realism by requiring the output to include the words 'tubers' & 'gratin', this didn't fill my hard drive and was small enough to usefully inspect further (try it yourself, if you like). Here's what I came up with:

"tubers gratin meze next sake yellow generals scandal"

So, I think it will be roasted root vegetables, a butternut squash gratin & meze, followed by sake & a dessert called "Yellow Generals' Scandal" yet to be invented. Hope to see you there, 7 pm Friday, I think. Believe I'll serve champagne during the meal as well.

Got root?

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