Friday, October 26, 2007

When people feel like their feelings are coming from outside, something is generally very wrong. Anyway, have found playing the role of the uncomfortable bits of somebody else's insides a bit unsettling, try to be what's wanted though & anyway, romantic love, lust, directness, violence are, despite my solitary, contemplative, convoluted & sedentary ways, things I'm quite comfortable with.

Ronin, ha ha ha, me & my Bulshido, strolling down the avenue.

Would be happy to get on with the alien invasion, frankly, seem to have misplaced my heat ray. Would probably just end being killed by the puny humans with some deus ex machina again anyway. Common cold, water, death of a close relative. Need some new writers.

Samurai sword, heat ray, gaze. I saw the sign & it opened up my mind.

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