Saturday, October 20, 2007

Another busy day, managed to work in my garbage plate (quite tasty, cheap) & JELL-O Gallery, also Strong National Museum of Play, all the happy kids made me feel a bit like crying, also happy, looked at a lot of toys, really love toys. They also have a small butterfly conservatory. Took a godawful lot of photos.

Really feeling a good deal more together, pretty sure that a few months ago that quantity of toys would've reduced me to JELL-O myself, even thinking vague thoughts that it might be worthwhile to seek somebody out for mutual cheering & support sometime, maybe someone with an actual (sustainable) interest in her own & others' happiness this time around. My not caring much for people in general makes that challenging of course, maybe should work on that, too. Lots to do either way.

Anyway, honestly, nine or ten months of being pretty totally nonfunctional and the loss of two friends is really quite a small price to pay for keeping somebody you love alive. Feeling a great deal better about nonoptimal outcome, did my best.

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