Saturday, October 20, 2007

Just back from Peppermints Family Restaurant down the street from the hotel, pretty sub par, decrepit exterior had me hoping, turns out there's just no pride of work in any aspect of the place, lousy service, lousy food. Cheap, anyway.

Before that, took a sunset walk through industrial park & environs with Peretz, took photos of sunset, life sized elephant sculpture, etc.

Was thinking on walk- no way for a person with no self respect to be trustworthy, given how I understand those words that's an analytic truth, should've been perfectly clear to me sooner- partly it's that it was very hard to believe someone I had so much respect for had so little for herself (legitimate empirical issue, more or less), partly it's that I'm not very consistent where she's concerned. Funny thing is, I think she might imagine I'm similarly lacking in respect for myself, not the case at all, the more perceptive among you may have noticed.

Again, little smiley is called for, can't bring myself to type it.

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