Friday, October 19, 2007

Long, busy day. Stopped in Syracuse en route to Rochester to drop some books off at Sugar Pearl Cafe, nice job they've done with the place, disco ball, blue pool table, giant light S/M suggestive oil paintings, had some cocoa.

Also stopped by old college girlfriend of my mom's place for a quick visit, she seemed quite nice, P got to frolic in fenced yard, hunt for cat.

Met my dad & his dogs at Red Roof Inn in Henrietta, then my mom & I headed over for reunion activities, turned out no dinner ticket was available for me so I took a long walk & a lot of photos, had some bad pizza in the student union. Funny how the current students seem more dated than the alums.

Anyway, back at motel, a bit achy.

All the manic energy I've had wound inside me poking at me all year seems to be unwinding itself a bit, mostly manifesting in countless pointless photos, but I've got lots of other plans, keep feeling little snap backs, echoes of the big one of the winter. When you're someone with a lot of energy and you intentionally build it up for what seems a good purpose, then it suddenly turns out there was no purpose at all- well, not surprising that it leaves you a bit frantic for a while. Feeling a lot less frantic, most of the time anyway. Very clear on some things it would probably be better if I could explain to certain others, the others aren't interested and it's nobody else's business. Seems a bit of a waste of quality reflection, still good for me to be clear on things, I suppose.

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