Thursday, October 25, 2007

Process of dropping off laptop for repair was more time consuming than expected, have therefore rescheduled dinner party fpr Saturday at 7 (another calendar I have places the full moon then anyway, so I don't feel too bad about it). Stopped by Chip Shop for tasty hot dog combo after finishing with computer, always a pleasure, got remaining party necessities from Holyoke Stop 'n' Shop, finally found hazelnuts (apparently there's a worldwide shortage).

Nice fortune cookie fortunes I got with nice Chinese lunch earlier somehow found their way onto my desk, "You are gifted in many ways." "Your heart is pure, and your mind clear, and soul devout." One out of two's, or two out of three's, not bad, I guess.

Making another copy of my hard drive, can't be too careful if you can't be good.

OK, going to have some snacks, maybe watch the game.

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