Sunday, October 21, 2007

Yet another busy day. Went to breakfast at Charlie Brown's in Rochester, nice place, one breakfast special was roasted fall vegetables topped with eggs, had the Country Benedict, sausage & poached egg on biscuit, topped with sausage gravy, very nice with hot sauce.

Walked around taking pictures at the closed Rochester Public Market after, looks impressive, kind of wish I'd made it there on Saturday when it's open. Maybe on my next trip to Rochester.

After that, went & visited with Mom's friend Margaret in Syracuse some more, she made a very nice lunch, local tomato soup, cheddar muffins, apple pie. Peretz was briefly trapped under the back porch, cut a fingertip on a rose thorn trying to extract him. My mom finally got ahold of his collar & I managed to drag him out through the small freshly dug hole through which he appears to have entered.

Long drive back, feeling a bit wiped out. Peretz violently insisted on walk while passing through Southampton, no real reason for that as far as I can tell, wandered under foliage by river, regaling my mom with tales of my sinister plots & their vile, hoped for outcomes, as we're a lot alike, she responded with gales of diabolical laughter. Who shall we hurt next? Oh, that it be another blameless one, their screams are the most piquant.

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