Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Shaved, took P for a walk, spent that thinking about continuities between contemporary discourses on public health and cultures of dependency and the eugenics movement. Funny how people thinking about the problems of the lower orders so rarely turn their attention to their primary problem, the people who exploit and oppress them. Imagine it's a problem they'll solve for themselves given time.

The Robot Brains is pretty great so far, partially set at a traveling fair.

"A lady at the back of the tent whispered to her neighbor, 'I don't like the look of them at all!'

Indeed, there was something forbidding in the aspect of the Brains; their intelligence seemed devoid of all humanity.

At last, a schoolboy broke the silence to ask:

'Is space really empty?'

'No,' the Brain in the center answered dispassionately. 'Space is only relatively empty. There are great quantities of dust and gases between the stars. Also many types of radiation.'

His manner was condescending, almost a sneer.

'When was Cleopatra's Needle brought to London?'

'In the year eighteen seventy-eight Anno Domini.'

The audience began to warm up, and questions flowed faster.

'Is the sea-horse a fish?'

'What is the capital of Pakistan?'

Each Brain in his turn answering the questions, but the manner of all three remained cold and distant.

'Who wrote The Count of Monte Cristo?'

'How can I stop woodworm?'

'Are there such things as ghosts?'

'Who killed Cock Robin?'"

Going to take a break from it, go stock up on local pork products.

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