Friday, October 12, 2007


Ardinghello excerpt pretty promising, centers around abduction of women from wedding party by pirates, lengthy reassurances about women's virtue being intact after rescue.

Part of narrator's description of extemporaneous song he performed at party:

"The son of Thetis now beams through all posterity because he had Homer for his bard: but how much greater were Columbus and Doria? And how far can the fruit of your love exceed him in deeds more noble than running around the walls of Troy three times on account of a withered, eloped wife of a man whom nature destined to be a cuckold and who was neither his ally nor his friend, and thereupon stabbing the weary enemy in the throat! Than making a dreadful fuss on account of a rebuffed priest, and then, on top of that, patiently handing over his beloved and sitting down at the sea and crying!"

Fat Worm/Wolf Eyes show at Hampshire Dining Commons later, should try to find a way to wake up by then.

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