Monday, October 8, 2007

Bizarrely muggy out, thick haze over the hills, dramatic sunset clouds on the drive back from the airport, was wishing I had my camera, probably best if I don't try to photograph absolutely everything I'd like to.

Thinking while driving about the difficulty of being a pretty profoundly monogamous person in the situation in which I find myself. Not complaining, it's largely a matter of choice, like myself better that way, feel more like myself, more important to me than feeling happy & contented.

Also thinking about people's ambivalences about human physicality, a lot of variation in that, mine tends to run along the lines of reveling in it while finding it extremely awkward, different from a lot of people in that there's really no element of disgust & very little fear.

Nearly drifted off after writing the previous paragraph, need to walk the dog.

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