Friday, January 4, 2008

Slippage, seepage, nonage, dotage.

Thinking about 'Dreams in the Witchhouse', impossible geometries, evil shapes, rat with a human face. Thinking about the Tiltin' Hilton, the Angle Inn. Can't remember if I'd noted a congruency between these two figures previously.

Not to be too cryptic, read the Lovecraft story here if you like, the Angle Inn is a little harder to explain & it's gone so you can't experience it for yourself if you missed it.

It was a sort of a funhouse attraction, at the Opryland theme park, in Nashville, basically rooms with funny angles, forced perspectives, trompe l'oeil- the thing that impressed me most as a child, though, was the projection of the moving, talking faces of virtual hosts onto the blank contoured faces of wall-mounted dummies. Hadn't ever thought much about why that might be so significant to me till I wrote 'blank, contoured faces' just now & a spring popped, a ball bounced & echoes shot down the funny abrupt corridors, round the bend & back.

Here's the thing, if I make it so there are enough angles, nobody can work them, not even me. That's how I want it.

L’ennui est contre-r√©volutionnaire. Ne travaillez pas.

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