Wednesday, January 23, 2008

When one cares about crazy people, often enough one gets trapped in a cycle of hoping they're smart enough not to do some stupid thing then, once they've done that, hoping they don't do the likely consequent stupid thing & so on. Mostly they do the stupid thing, fail to rise above their own craziness, sucks, but just how it is. Leads to diminished expectations of others generally, probably best.

For example- got support call from work last night, once again a third party failing to do a job we're not allowed to do, so much of that lately, pretty galling, sick of it. Diminished expectations help.

Thinking I should shave, maybe I'll shave.

Remind me to get coffee later, would you, dear?


No Stand In Will Do said...

Not if you are going to shave, I won't. You enjoy the chevre, right?

dbr said...

sorry, already shaved, will endeavor to remember coffee on my own. I do like the chevre.