Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Long day. Just back from walk with Peretz, uploading photos, labeling photos, eagerly awaiting arrival of lady friend, think we're going to have another go at Korean food, tried & true Gohyang this time around, also planning to inquire about singing room rates & availability.

Having some Polar sapphire ginger ale, it's interesting, a bit like Moxie. Like Moxie.


Anonymous said...

moxie? are you serious?

it doesn't taste like moxie. and yes, maybe there's a certain element of opinion and individual perspective to taste, but fundamentally it is a question of the chemical constitution of a substance.

if you really think that Polar Sapphire Ginger Ale tastes like Moxie, you might want to see a doctor.

or perhaps the stroke/anyeurysm that caused you to type that has already killed you.

either way.

seriously, when is the last time you had Moxie?

dbr said...

had some Moxie last week.

anyway, whatever, anonymous person, it has a slight similarity in flavor to Moxie, no idea what the stuff's chemical composition is, nor do you as far as I know, maybe it contains traces of gentian, maybe not, in any case the sapphire ginger ale tastes a bit like dental amalgam.

no idea who you are, why am I supposed to take you seriously again, are you a Polar soda engineer or something?

Anonymous said...

i'm not a Polar soda engineer.

i recently tried the polar sapphire ginger ale and noticed that it isn't on the official polar website. i did a search and found your page.

i was surprised to read you compare two drinks that couldn't be much further apart, in my opinion. i guess i'm busted and must confess i do not know the chemical makeup of either drink.

dental amalgam!? seriously, get to a doctor. does the world smell purple to you?

i'm not anonymous. so we're on equal footing there, you can call me bpd. you should take me seriously because i commented on your blog and am therefore officially part of the process.

i like fringe beverages like moxie.

dbr said...

If you don't think Moxie tastes like dental amalgam, you've never tried dental amalgam, it tastes like gentian just like Moxie does.

Anyway, I'm not saying they taste the same, fact is, I like Moxie & don't care a bit for that Polar stuff, it does however have a strange medicinal bitterness in with the ginger which I think is reminiscent of Moxie, my guess is there's a little gentian extract in among the natural flavorings.

Good on you for the fringe beverages, a fan of local fringe beverages myself, prefer Harmony Springs of Ludlow, MA, they make something called Sparkling Pep which I also believe contains gentian. The half lemon/half grapefruit is tops.