Thursday, January 31, 2008

Lecture went pretty well, all things considered, or a lot of things, at least. Neil's new thing at the Rendezvous seems a strange & wonderful one, last Wednesday of every month, be sure to miss it if you're stupid & lack taste.

Thinking about something I said at lecture about the fun of Sudoku being an artifact of the limitations of our minds, got me thinking again about the philosophical leitmotif of the finitude of the mind, so often a premise in arguments by people you'd think would know better, Davidson comes to mind. Really, to me, to say the mind is finite seems a lot of nonsense, quite literally, doesn't mean a damn thing. In the case of Davidson, since all he really wants to do is offer as simple a semantic theory as possible with as much explanatory power as possible, this ridiculous premise, with its underlying metaphor of mind as container, isn't even necessary, as that's what one wants out of any theory, pretty much. Just saying.

In other news, Peretz & I stayed over at the lady friend's place last night, took P a while to settle in, but it was pretty lovely & something I think we'll be doing a lot more of in time to come. Morning came & we went out for coffee & delicious Adams donuts, their buttercrunch is spectacular, maple frosting also a must do.

Sneezy sneezy sneezy, but otherwise feeling much better, thanks.

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