Thursday, January 24, 2008

Been thinking a lot, generally, but particularly over the past few days, about my patterns of response to others' madnesses, large and small. Mostly it's concern, analysis, mockery, in no particular order, mostly all at once- probably neither the most effective or kindest triad, more respectful than most. Yeah, respectful mockery. Here's the thing: it presumes a rational agent in there somewhere, seeing what's actually happening, interested in what's actually happening, able to see the humor in it.

That I think this presumption is a false one is a whole other thing. Pretty much think that these madnesses are down among the primary processes, doing their stuff, and that agents, subjects, persons & the like are secondary constructs virtualized atop these processes, mere froth upon the churning waves, pretty much.

In any case, a pretense that the superstructure can significantly affect the base is one of my primary gambits, partly it's a matter of maintaing pure ironic form, sometimes it somehow pans out & we get to enjoy the world reversed, carnival, for a time at least.

Love a long shot, I do, I do.

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