Saturday, January 12, 2008

Busy, busy day. Went to work, came home, went & did more work, went & got oil change, had mechanic look at electrical system thing also, he left blower fan unplugged, got home, lay down in puddle & plugged it back in, took Peretz to Easthampton, took Peretz for a walk in Easthampton, left Peretz at Chris & Jess's in Easthampton, drove to Greenfield, glorious sunset en route, fetched Lauri, drove to Alewife, took T to Government Center, went to Union Oyster House, ate a lot of oysters, a little clam chowder, walked by harbor, went to Mike's Pastry Shop for coffee, cannoli, tiramisu, walked by the TD Banknorth Garden, was still hungry so got a burrito, rode T back to Alewife, talked with drunken soldiers, one was pretty friendly & sane, other one not so much, other ones in between, one dissed my Tinkerbell hat & pissed Lauri off, I was talking to the sane one & didn't notice, drove back up 2, dark, wet, got ineptly pulled over by state trooper for driving 80 or 72 or whatever, after some charming banter on both sides was given written warning. Back in Greenfield now, was a really nice day.

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