Thursday, January 31, 2008

Bunny puppet dialogue:

Flopsy: (sigh) Raining again today, days like this this make me want to hurt myself sometimes, just a little cut and watch the blood flow.

Mopsy: Hey, don't do that, you know what I like to do when I get a little bit glum?- I like to do conceptual art!

Flopsy: Conceptual art? What's that?

Mopsy: Well, you know what art is, right? When you make something which has as its primary purpose partaking in the various esthetic attributes, such as a beauty, sublimity, humor, the grotesque and so on.

Flopsy: Sure, every bunny knows that!

Mopsy: Well, in conceptual art, instead of making art with paint or clay or words, you make it with pure concepts, though often with a material substrate.

Flopsy: I think maybe I understand a little...

Mopsy: Concepts are whatever divides the world into what is and what is not something, we use them all the time, but often we're not aware that we're doing so, conceptual art helps us use concepts as our tools rather than letting them use us as theirs.

Flopsy: (begins self cutting)

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