Sunday, January 27, 2008

Movers are running about 2 hours behind, Peretz has an upset stomach, presumably from stress, me too, have come home to make myself a little more coffee, sit quietly with Peretz, disinfect & apply Sesame Street Bandaid to flathead screwdriver gouge in side of left index finger.

In other news, it's the one month anniversary of first dinner date with sweet young thing, would very much like to buy her a little present, take her out for nice dinner, we'll see if I have time.

Have been adding it up in my head & have worked something like a hundred hours of so far uncompensated overtime since the middle of last month, was told this business would be made worth my while, slaving under piles of equipment with a stuffy head & cough, doesn't really seem likely or possible that it will be.

Lips are showing signs of becoming chapped, will perhaps apply balm.


No Stand In Will Do said...

just get your somewhat-unscathed body back to greenfield for ginger cookies and tea later, that's all~

Anonymous said...

Movers? This is for the paper right? Not you?

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah...happy anniversary. One month, whoo hoo!

dbr said...

Yeah, movers for paper.