Friday, January 11, 2008

Listening to Stiff Little Fingers, doing a little dance, shimmy & a shoulder shake, twistin', pop 'n' lock, you name it.

Vivid colors, harsh perspectives, simultaneously more theoretical & abstract, concrete & abstract objects all the same to me, pretty much, die off or proliferate together, like a lot of objects, a lot of movement, it's all coming back, thanks for that, dear.

Need to get things moving outside my head as well, set up some positive feedback, good vibrations, art angles, DIY spaces, media empire, discussion group. Noise camp, noise camp.

All the pretty colors, choirs of angels, deep arrays, animal strivings, the metamorphoses of the forms- watching the bones elaborate the structures they keep inside themselves, dress themselves in flesh & rot away again- following the logic, you know.

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