Sunday, December 2, 2007

Spent my morning playing with returned camera, cold enough out that compulsion to take distorted photos was under a little pressure from intense finger pain, compulsion won out, of course.

After that, went & met Rob & Alie at Lone Wolf for brunch, lovely to see them, food was delightful as always, after eating we made a quick visit to the Smith art museum, hadn't been there in ages, nice book art exhibit up, took more pictures where allowed to do so.

Left museum just as snow was starting to fall, it's stopped again, supposed to get a good bit of it, maybe 2-4 inches. Looking forward to it, a bit worried about T getting back from NYC OK, predicted freezing rain causing electrical outage.

Busy schedule precluded getting my weekly burger & malted, rather enjoying pretending to be snowed in with pup. If I could think of a place in town I've never been where I could get those items, I'd probably go there for dinner, don't think there is such a place.

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