Sunday, December 2, 2007

Decided that getting a burger & a malted on Sunday was more important than maintaining respect for mere protocol, therefore went out in the sleet & got them at the Friendly's on King Street, I know, I know, chain restaurant, in town, been there before, etc., etc. Big on setting up overly complex, largely arbitrary rule systems for myself, violating them when it seems appropriate, sometimes at whim. Hail Ganesh!

Spent my time at Friendly's thinking about missing friends, going to Friendly's on family trip to New England the summer E.T. came out, getting those sundaes with Reese's Pieces, they still make those, I think.

So, burger & malted more important than where I get it, keeping one friend alive more important than sparing another's feelings, keeping systems functioning more important than their being elegant. Try very hard to keep my priorities straight.

Peretz wants out into the ice event. Очень Перец!

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