Monday, December 24, 2007

Finally got out into the wet, melting world with P, sky alive with flying things, home again with birds on the brain.

Christmas Eve. Usually give a single gift. Here's mine, poppybird, sound advice:

Ditch the dumb guy & your irrational fears some afternoon & drop by for some peppermint tea & a chat, it'll make you feel ever so much better.

Won't take it, of course, offering's the most I can do. Since you're going to ignore that, might as well give sounder advice:

Ditch the dumb guy altogether. He's keeping you sick & you're keeping him stupid. You should really experience what it can be like to be a highly intelligent person out in the world without these sorts of burdens, I think you'd really like it.

You asked me a while back who I was to know what's best for the two of you. I wouldn't say I know exactly, but I have a pretty strong opinion based on extensive observation and thought. I'm also, at least in your opinion & I don't think it's far from the truth, the smartest person you know. I'm also, despite appearances perhaps, doing my best to be a good friend to both of you as I care about you both very much, that's how it's been all along, that's how it's staying. Above all, though, nobody's keeping me sick or stupid.

Anyway, just advice, feel free to ignore it. Happy xmas.

OK, going back out into the melting world.

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