Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Work continues to be a bit much, shaking a bit actually, as expected laziness of people at other company is reducing time pressure & simplifying things somewhat, still not quite rid of nervousness related to that as just heard about it now & things would've started breaking tomorrow.

Thinking on walk just now how some people, lacking any meaningful self-restraint, are unable to recognize it in others. Have been exercising a good deal of it, begin to wonder what the point is. Well, beyond its esthetic qualities, anyway. Maybe just as well if there is no point beyond that.

Should probably eat something.


No Stand In Will Do said...

Please let go of all self-restraint, meaningful and otherwise. call me when this happens, as I would like to be a witness.

dbr said...

You think you'd like to see that, but you wouldn't really. Genuinely best if I stay a bit buttoned up.

It's all relative, of course.

In any case, I don't have your number, dear.