Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Been quoting Mao on Facebook, sitting on sofa, sipping strawberry soda.

"Receptionist: Will you come in now, Mr Greenslade?
Greenslade: Thank you, madam. I was lead into the presence of a BBC official. I took off my shoes and knelt down.
Fx: Gong sound.
Pompous BBC Official: Now, Mr Greensleeve, can I... can I hear you say something?
Greenslade: Certainly. Ahhmmm... "Winds light to variable."
Pompous BBC Official: By Jove, you couldn't have picked a more... appropriate phrase.
Greenslade: Oh, it was nothing.
Pompous BBC Official: Come, come! Say it again. Say it again... with a smile in your voice.
Greenslade: Of course. [clears throat] "Winds light to variable."
Pompous BBC Official: Delicious! Quite enchanting! Now, say it as though it were a national catastrophe.
Greenslade: "Ohhhh! Winds light to variable! Ohhhhhh!"
Pompous BBC Official: [weepy] Very touching! Yes quite touching. I... I think you have it, Mr Greenslade, you can start work at once.
Greenslade: Gad! Me, a BBC announcer!"

I find myself imagining if I could somehow write it all down, it would all wash away, like tears in rain. Could be, no way to write it all down, of course, fun trying.

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