Sunday, December 9, 2007

"I've stopped reading your blog."

Difficult to analyze the motivations behind lies such as these, sort of interesting, sort of not. Seems to involve a misattribution of the significance things have for the speaker to the listener, confusion of identities, profound, banal.

Thinking about genre confusion with respect to the movies I'm showing later, The Nutty Professor genuinely horrifying in many of its more cringe-inducing comic moments, more genuinely grotesque than Altered States, which, structurally, is pretty much a romantic comedy lacking humor. Had forgotten that "I love you, Emily!" is the film's closing line, funny stuff.

Busily elaborating my preoccupations via encounters with the unconscious and the real. Like the big friendly giant says, "One and the same."

Going to go try & provide some technical support to a worthy if dysfunctional nonprofit in a bit. Hope I can help, bit of an uphill battle, apparently. We're used to it.

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