Wednesday, November 14, 2007

"We have examined the product according to your request, and, it was found that the pcb assembly was inoperative so that the power supply did not operate properly. The pcb ass'y, dc/dc, optical unit, and finder unit were replaced. Other inspection and cleaning, mechanical adjustments and parts replacements were carried out.196" My poor baby.

On the way back from hospital, stopped by new Big Y to check it out, get dog biscuits, etc. Still a bit bummed by the loss of the full scale Table & Vine, but they do stock Rao's coffee (preground & more expensive, though given the nauseating aroma of hazelnut wafting from the grinder, the preground part might be an upside), cheese selection much improved, ability to buy whisky at a grocery store made me feel that civilization had arrived. This feeling was a bit diminished by watching my underage cashier need to call over somebody else to handle the demon substance, in any case, the place kicks Stop 'n' Shop's sad little ass in so many ways and on so many levels that I have a nice, warm, glowy feeling. Some of that might be scotch.

Going to make burgers for me & P now, kisses.

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