Sunday, November 25, 2007

Just back from a trip to Vermont for Sunday burger & malted. Went to the Putney Diner, didn't have malteds, turned out, got a coffee shake instead, still quite nice. Bacon cheeseburger wasn't as absurdly huge as the other ones I've had recently, sort of a nice change, delicate, nice crispy bacon, good quality hand cut fries, needed a little salt.

Drove up to Santa's Land after to take pictures, passing Landmark College en route, 'King of the Road' looping in my head on top of thoughts of World Usability Day.

After that, went & walked around downtown Brattleboro in the light of sunset, taking more photos, looks like Lebanese place may be reopening soon, always up for nice Lebanese.

These things I'm doing, they're quite entertaining, but not what I'd really like to be doing. Stranger to have something I'd really rather be doing than not being able to do it, spent a very long time without anything like that, slowly getting used to it.

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