Sunday, November 18, 2007

Nice little trip out to the Berkshires with Henry, walked around largely empty Pittsfield, taking pictures, got a bacon cheeseburger & a malted at Burger, little pricey, not as good as Cruisers Malt Shoppe, still pretty good, interesting cuminy spicy fries. Tried to go to Greylock summit, forgetting to remember, if I ever knew, that both of the access roads are closed for extensive work & will remain so for the foreseeable future, took a little walk in the woods by the south end visitor center, little bits of granular snow nestled in leaves, birches radiant in the wintry light. Stopped & looked at icicles by the famous hairpin turn.

Two Sundays in a row I've gone out of town for a bacon cheeseburger & a malted, may make it a regular practice.

Hectic weekend, bit worn out, having some coffee. Lucky I'm not Henry, he needs to drive home to NYC, then drive over to his mom's place to give her a hand with some things, just found out while in Pittsfield that she's having knee surgery tomorrow, yikes.

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