Saturday, November 24, 2007

T's been & gone again.

Odd for there to be two things on TV I'm actually interested in watching, right now it's Battlestar Galactica movie & this:

"Rosemary and Thyme: The Invisible Worm
Stagford Lodge Prep School is full of tradition, and classics master Richard Oakley intends to keep it that way, despite the efforts of the current Headmaster, Quentin Marshall, to drag the school into the 21st century. Quentin's wife, Eleanor, hires Rosemary and Laura to investigate why the school's newly planted roses are dying. Richard invites the ladies to the annual Night of the Stag, a long-held school ritual involving a member of staff, dressed as a stag, and the ritual humiliation of another teacher. But the festivities are brought to an abrupt end by the death of Simon Todd, the shy geography teacher. Are the dying roses and the mystery of Simon's death connected? Our lady gardeners find the intrigue beneath the school's surface respectability much more intense than first appearances suggest."

Imagine summary's better than actual program, watching Battlestar Galactica movie. Go, killer robots, go. See you at the big tree party later.

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