Saturday, November 24, 2007

Nullity, big goose egg, so golden & radiant one could spent many blissful hours contemplating it & I do.

Despite everything, remain convinced boredom is the worst thing ever. The worst thing about the worst thing ever done to me- how fucking tedious & banal it was. Think this is probably true of all or at least most all of the most monstrous things people do. How haphazard so many people are, lacking even the semblance of style, unrepresentable, like boredom itself. So often I find myself looking at them & thinking things like, 'these scattered shreds of people, these barely even people, these are people of the future, from the future & I am something very old & tired.'

Was out walking a while ago, singing high little snatches of song, strange harmonies with the night sounds. Being startled by bare trees illuminated by street lamps.

Just back from doing a little work at work, funny mood. Going to watch some Death Note.

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