Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Spending the morning drinking coffee, checking up on servers, shivering; thinking about Holden Caulfield, phonies, PTSD, the networked imaginary.

Intentionally inexistent objects are real enough, in their way. Tired of being one. Behold, the Meinong.

Thinking about the long nose of the thinking of the network, stretching far past the present ones, funny wooden puppet, prone to lies, no strings attached, dreaming of being a real boy.

'"This technique is known as the Pinocchio illusion because you feel as if your nose is getting longer when you grab the tip of your nose. It is a way to trick the brain and manipulate the body image," said Dr Ehrsson.'

Manipulating my homunculus as I write, will be in proper order any time now.

Reading Slawkenbergius's Tale.

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