Saturday, November 10, 2007

Mic in toy camera produces a lot of noise when overdriven, is easily overdriven, sort of annoying, sort of suitable.

Frying up some Portuguese sausage to make sandwiches with.

Spent a good part of today thinking about what a difficult bastard I can be, my feelings and thoughts about that are somewhat complex, have a lot of good reasons for being that way, probably a lot of good reasons for not being that way also. In any case, it's how I am.

It's also how I have been for a very long time, makes it hard to put a charitable interpretation on people who have known me for much of that time suddenly being shocked & appalled at my being that way. Inclined to see it as willful self-deception for the sake of expediency, frankly.

Anyway, going to have some sausage sandwiches. Love & kisses.

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