Monday, November 12, 2007

Left work a bit early, taking some inadequate recompense for last night's interference with my sleep, already pitch dark anyway, collapsed on the couch, hurting, mouth dry, eyes dry, distraught. Worked up the energy to stagger feebly to the refrigerator, got out the container of braised red cabbage with apples, had a few mouthfuls and felt instantly, drastically better.

No two ways about it, the stuff is the food of the fucking gods, wonder why I don't make it more often- never mind, scratch that, know perfectly well why, T wouldn't eat it & my farm share didn't include any red cabbage this year. In any case, intend to make it a great deal more frequently in the coming months.

Wonder if there's a local source for brats.


photo wizard said...

it's true
cabbage doesn't usually taste that good, what form did the appples take? smaller shavings in amongst the velvety cabbage crumble?

dbr said...

Just sliced apples, cooking process is long enough that they basically dissolve.