Saturday, November 10, 2007

Just back from another walk with P, another close encounter with bunny.

Had fun watching movies, toward the end of The Lady Eve, Tim showed up, fed him some food, watched Lair of the White Worm, talked a little about movies, music, how confusing I find people's tastes.

Was thinking of going over to work and taking care of a few things, decided I was too tipsy & tired, will deal with it in the morning.

Was thinking on walk about how dominated people are by fear, getting to know that a little better, don't have much experience caring enough about anything or anyone to have much experience with deep, visceral fear- lots of experience with similar states, of course, mostly with less of an objective orientation, floating anxiety, for example, know a lot about that. Anyway, it's very strange for me. In any case, fear or no, not very interested in being dominated, working on relating to it in different ways, some of them even seem productive.

Very tired.

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