Thursday, November 15, 2007

For once fell asleep without music playing, reminded myself why I go to sleep with music playing, deep sleep, no escape from nightmares.

Anyway, more sleep than usual, could've probably done with less.

Rainy morning, warm, colder later. Reading about poor guy who took a dive off the parking garage downtown. Making me cry, had enough of it. Anyway, don't despair, help is on the way, war is over if you want it, etc., etc.

When Henry's here over the weekend, we're going to make pork tenderloin medallions with a calvados cream sauce, I think.


Henry C said...

we will definitely make some..just have to acquire more calvados and a tenderloin.

dbr said...

Have enough calvados, I think. Have tomorrow off, will therefore probably fetch a tenderloin from Outlook tomorrow.