Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Ended up having to rush back over to work to deal with RIP crash, on my way out of house Tim came by, lent him toy camera for trip to Europe, may end up needing to take those guys to Logan tomorrow, went for nice Moroccan with colleague, came home, walked dog, once taking the time to give the matter the slightest thought, realized I could sort out Valley Free Radio's immediate issue with their stream without looking at the server, told them how to do that, walked to town for a drink with folks, no one in restaurant offered to sell me one, brought folks back over to my place, fed them sake & leftovers, had sake myself, Peretz got to play with Leo the poodle, guests went away, walked the dog again.

Maybe this is what they call flow, finding it a bit tiring.

Going to have some more to drink I think, also maybe some kugel.

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