Thursday, November 15, 2007

Despite being done with work for the day, decided to check on the responsiveness of the paper's website. Mistake. More about yesterday's public suicide downtown.

Left the house in a panic, decided to go to Outlook for local tenderloins, pouring rain, driving way too fast down 66, crying, not remotely safe, perfectly aware of that, didn't give a damn.

Pure despair, meet your long-lost twin, pure terror. Separated before birth, a tricky procedure.

Got to Outlook, got tenderloins, chorizo for later, totally gratuitous apple dumplings. Took a picture of their cider donuts:

cider donuts, Outlook Farm

Had it more or less together for the drive back, took it easier, body full of nicotine, head full of projects, heart full of unrequited love.

Sigh. The flame that burns twice as brightly lasts half as long. Getting back to my posthumous life.

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