Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Just got done giving my kitchen floor a quick once over.

Sad old bachelor has chick he digs over, she cringes at the dirty kitchen floor, he wants her to feel comfortable in his home, so he cleans the floor. Innocent enough, right? No need to make it complicated or more than it is, it is what it is.

It's like that with lots of things.

Again, imagine, two people like each other, they've both been done dirt. They both think, 'X sounds like a real asshole, he/she's better off without him/her, he/she should really get over him/her.' They both think, 'My asshole had some really nice qualities & I miss him/her & wish things had worked out better, he/she's not really an asshole at all, if anything, I'm the asshole.' They're both probably right in both cases.

Lots of things like that too.

Anyway, went to try to get replacement camera, selection in town lousy, store staff belligerent & unhelpful, going to suck it up & order a camera online & wait for it, limp along with funny toy camera.


Anonymous said...

It's a slippery slope brozone,
besides haven't you seen her house?
I won't ever feel as comfortable at your house now if you've cleaned the kitchen floor.
-secret anonymous admirer

dbr said...

Sure I've seen her house.

I've got no real problem with scrubbing floors, it bores me somewhat, don't care much about it myself, often don't bother, somebody else cares, it's no sweat.

Anyway, you'll put up with that shiny floor & like it. Get me?

No Stand In Will Do said...

see that's what I'm talking about, that sassiness.

And what's wrong with the Bricker, secret Ad? Let's see you keep 4 floors clean all by yourself. You don't see dust bunnies under my (nonexistent) kitchen table!