Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Driving back from Greenfield in the icy fog, thinking about being a caricature, or parody, of the masculine American man. I kill, therefore I am & all that.

Not really, more about how I seem to be sought out for strength of various sorts, (almost?) exaggeratedly strong urges to look out for others, etc. Never have really gotten fully in touch with the fact that I am, among other things, a big beefy man. Funny little schoolgirl with glasses, that's me.

Anyway, seem to have fallen in with a nice young lady, really like her, she seems to like me & we're enjoying one another's company, seems like. Just back from tasty Chinese dinner with her, was very pleasant. Nobody's talking about extreme self harm or anything remotely like that, makes it a little hard to believe it's a situation I'm actually in. Hm.

Dog wants out.

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