Friday, February 1, 2008

After writing that bunny dialogue, things got a little more exciting than I like for a bit. Went to work on servers that feed the poor, got call from sweet young thing in distress, had slipped on ice, heard a crack, thought her ankle might be broken, was waiting to hear back from her doctor's office, whose appointment computer was down, how many computers do I have to fix, anyway? Jeez.

Eventually she determined that her doctor couldn't work her in, went to take her to the emergency room, during preparations for departure, Pickles escaped the house, spent some time chasing Pickles, finally recovered him with the help of some meddling kids and an Irish setter, moved on to emergency room, that all went pretty smoothly, for an emergency room, ankle broken in two places, but bone not all out of line or anything, splinted and on our way. Still pretty good at the whole taking people to hospital business, I guess, who'd have thought?

Went for fish sandwiches after, not cod, but not bad.

Have set up temporary miniature one story abode in my living room for injured loved one, we're on folded out futon, playing with Internet.

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