Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Thought of Chanukah led, quite understandably, to visions of latkes with pulled pork dancing in my head. Decided I was too tired for the moment to make vision reality, walked to town for a burrito, picked up latke makings after. Still need a pork shoulder.

Feeling simultaneously benevolent and venomous, not too unusual, even when, perhaps especially when, it's toward the same people.

Just running through my head:

"Bloodnok: Oh. Jigger me crudlers.
Seagoon: The speaker was a military gentleman, clad in a grass skirt.
Bloodnok: That’s the last time I stand near a lawnmower. Ohhhh, that gardener. Oh, what a snake in the grass he is.
Seagoon: Pardon me sir, could you tell us the name of this island?
Bloodnok: Yes, I can. It’s the Isle of Alassie, so called after our national anthem. (sings) I love a lassie, a bonny Chinese lassie…
Seagoon: Splendid, I knew her mother!
Bloodnok: Nonsense, we were just good friends, I tell you…
Seagoon: Wait a minute! Haven’t I seen your photograph in the papers? Something about…
Bloodnok: It’s a lie!! It’s a lie, I tell you! I never went near the regimental safe! Anyway, I was going to put the money back...I…Could I help it if the horse lost? It was two other fellows named Smith, I tell you.
Seagoon: Bloodnok!! Bloodnok! That’s it, you’re Major Bloodnok!
Bloodnok: Well…er…I…er...I was.
Seagoon: What do you mean, you were?
Bloodnok: Well, I had to change my name, you know, it…it got dirty."

Spend too much time listening to that stuff while trying to fall asleep. Spend too much time trying to fall asleep.

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