Saturday, December 1, 2007

Pleasantly crisp out.

Also, word to the wise, Joel is a passive aggressive creep:

"hey. if i was anywere near your house it had nothing to do with you.if its a bother thats too bad, but i realy dont have any intention to bother you.ok. its takin awhile to return some cds but frankly, you did a terrible thing to were very mean and dismissive and calculating.but times gone by and im not realy that resentfull or hurt anymore.i understand that you might not feel safe and you have emotional i see this and it is usefull understanding this about you .so im not like super mad at you anymore though iam super discusted over what you did to emily.but yeah you are right about the six or nine cd's i have of yours up in the attic that you lent me five years ago . and i'll return them.sometime."

Also might be forgiven for thinking it would be a bad idea for anybody with severe emotional problems to cohabit with someone with attitudes like that toward people with emotional problems.

Anyway, Joel, no need to worry about returning my things, I can buy new ones.

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