Friday, December 14, 2007

Just made myself a hot chocolate with some very strong dark chocolate, malt syrup & milk. Strong chocolate rather overwhelms the malt flavor, still quite nice. Also baking some prefabricated brownies which I intend to enjoy topped with vanilla ice cream multiple times this weekend. Until I'm satisfied.

(Smiles pleasantly)

Mind alive with evil works & a cheerful, probably healthy, contempt for others and their tiresome, intractable problems. The main thing that makes most of these intractable is that, if eliminated, people would be at a loss what to do without them. Bit like children, I suppose.

Finished my hot chocolate, going to go out with Peretz in search of meteors shortly.

Hugs & kisses, hearts & flowers- imagine, if you would, little hearts dotting the eyes, a decorative border, many colors of ink, rudimentarily fanciful, think unicorns.

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