Sunday, February 3, 2008

Back from a nice day spent off the grid in NYC, trip went surprisingly smoothly for one made with a broken-ankled better half, parked one door down from theater where 'Slugbearers of Kayrol Island' was playing, hit trendy bar restaurant down the corner for chicken & waffles, rosemary tofu skewers, hobbled back & enjoyed the performance, was really quite something.

Ended up ditching any further theatrical involvements to drive back up to Riverdale with Nancy, check in on bronchitis and bloody infected throat afflicted Henry, beers (none myself, a model of propriety), bland Thai food ordered in. Drove home late up the Merritt, loved one asleep beside me, city day with broken ankle having been a bit much, singing along to my lovely green ipod- 'she cracked, I'm sad, but I won't.' Palimpsest, reinscription, doubling.

Made french toast & bacon to make the oxycodone go down more smoothly, need to go swap tapes, recover Peretz from the kind souls tending him shortly.

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