Monday, February 25, 2008

Took a walk to town, did a little banking, got a burrito, visited a little with Tim.

Came home, T's mom brought me birthday treats, took the dog for a walk in the woods.

Next, in best narcissistic sicko fashion, I'm off to help make computers that route food to hungry children go.

If you look closely at my skin, you can see the pure evil emanating. Don't see it? Look closer.


No Stand In Will Do said...

where? where? that just looks like dry skin. try a little moisturizer.

dbr said...

maybe it's just in other people's imaginations, sometimes I come over all empathetic & get confused

Anonymous said...

do you mean freckles?
tell about the treats!

dbr said...

treats are red wine & Polish fruit jells & Italian cookies & filberts

Anonymous said...

yum! mom is sweet, isn't she?
didn't know freckles were pure evil