Thursday, February 21, 2008

Here at work, we have a network switch, used by about ten reporters, which is, at the moment, unavoidably, in a construction area. I've put a big metal cover over it that says 'Do not move or unplug,' etc. Anyway, apparently literacy isn't a requirement for construction work. Moved & unplugged four or five times so far, cover keeps getting removed & the switch gets coated in dust, etc., etc.

Feeling pretty fed up.

In other news, initial weekend dog care plans fell through, have made alternate plans, should stock house with snacks to make time spent with Peretz more attractive, maybe a trip to Trader Joe's later. Also need to get a spare key made as the ones I have have all gone missing, have not been returned by spiteful, inconsiderate people, etc., etc.

It's an aggravation universe.

On the upside, workweek's almost done, fun plans with sweetie, etc., etc.

Etc., etc., etc.


No Stand In Will Do said...

I would love to end all "spiteful, inconsiderate" people who torment you so!
Can't wait for the weekend, doll.

dbr said...

Likely enough to end themselves, don't worry about it.