Thursday, February 21, 2008

Missed most of the eclipse, napping. Sort of a shame, but could use more napping, been pretty beat lately.

Car failed emissions, will need to get that fixed at some point, no rush.

Horrible dull ache in largest joint of right big toe, limping about, drinking coffee.

Dog's lying halfway in a sunny spot, experimenting with new power sources.


Feeling a bit grim lately, impending birthday, I imagine, silly of me, this one should be really nice, it's just the last one sucked pretty hard, irrational, that's me.


No Stand In Will Do said...

yay, your birthday! whoop whoop! giddyup, hot man, birthday! whee! yay! i love a birthday, i love a birthday...

p.s. sorry about your car.

dbr said...

car is no problem, looking forward to birthday with much anticipation, sadly, workweek drags on.

Anonymous said...

roast!!! flying sausage!!!