Monday, September 3, 2007

Went to Stop 'n' Shop, got limes, onions, bread for tomato sandwiches, dog biscuits, pita chips. Just after locating the pita chips, ran into Joel's niece Becky & someone I assume was her Italian boyfriend, so spacy from all the time with my head inside computer, I probably seemed heavily drugged. Should perhaps invest some time working on my impression management skills. Ho ho ho.

In further Jolly Green Giant news, got an email back from old college chum Chris Goodbar who I'd looked up & written to the other day. Sounds like he's doing well, lives in the woods, has a 2 year old kid & another on the way shortly, runs a kung fu school. Nice to hear from him, may try to stop in & see him if I ever get around to driving home for one holiday or another.

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