Wednesday, September 26, 2007

It's been a full lunar year since experience of extreme natural beauty mentioned but not really described here. Still reeling.

I say it's indescribable there, but here's an outline, pretty done with the ineffable: spent the day exploring the Connecticut coast with a friend, over course of day, it became increasingly clear that we were in love with one another. At sunset, we were walking on the beach at Harkness State Park, holding hands. Once it got dark, we left the beach & headed across the grounds back to car. I noticed the full moon rising over the sound to my right, we walked toward it, looming orange over the boathouse. We gave one another a hug. Sounds of distant party in large house on park grounds. Beloved friend said, "I wish things were different." Watched moon some more, then headed back toward car. Young deer wandered across our path, stopped & looked at us quietly for a while, then wandered off.

Perhaps it's understandable that I tried very hard to make things different? Beyond my abilities apparently, not the least bit sorry to have tried.

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